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Alpaca Felted Dryer Balls / Boules de séchage


Alpaca felted Dryer balls are an eco-friendly option when we want to reduce the amount of chemicals we are exposed to in our homes.

They come in a package of three (3). The dryer balls are not always exactly as in the photo, they vary in colour from batch to batch, ranging from light fawn to dark brown.

How do they work? Dryer balls will help reduce the drying time by helping your clothes tumble more easily in your dryer.

They will also reduce static by keeping some moisture in your dryer and in your clothes…overdrying leads to static electricity.

They are a natural softner, eliminating the need for those toxic dryer sheets.

If you would like to add some fragrance to your clothe, you can add a few drops of essential oils to each dryer balls.

These will last you for years, it’s a great investment in your journey toward living in a healthier environment!

Simply toss all 3 balls in your dryer and see how well they work.

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All-natural dryer balls are made with alpaca fibre.

They will reduce the drying time by as much as 30%, reduce static electricity, are eco-friendly and a natural softner.

Simply toss the 3 balls in your dryer along with your wet clothes.

Comes in a package of 3 balls.

NOTE: If you are buying other products with the dryer balls, let me know and I will recalculate the shipping fee.