We offer several types of packages depending on  your budget and your wishes.

Just like anything else, alpacas do vary in quality and price. We need to know your budget and your wishes in order to suggest the best package for you.

If you are looking for breeding stock, you want alpacas that have great structure and exceptional fleece, you want alpacas that are going to pass on the best of the best to their offsprings. It is absolutely not recommended to breed alpacas that are of poor quality.

If you are looking for pets, alpacas are wonderful animals to add to your farm. They are easy going, curious and very entertaining. Since you will not be breeding these, sub quality is perfectly okay.

Regardless of having breeding stock or pets, ALL alpacas need to be sheared once a year, in late spring. They need to be to have their nails done regularly and to have their teeth trimmed as needed.


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