1.0 Poncho in black/grey/turquoise
Hand woven alpaca poncho in black. grey and turquoise.
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2.0 Poncho in grey/fawn/brown (Natural colours)
Hand woven alpaca poncho in grey cream and brown.
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Blue and Cream Wrap / Shawl

This shawl is a perfect accessory for those cooler summer evenings and the chilly autumn days. It is easy to wear over a favorite cardigan and jeans or even to warm you up on a pj day at home or … Continued

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Fly away with me V-Shawl – Charcoal Turquoise and white

This shawl sits so well on your shoulders, you will forget it’s even there! A combination of dark grey, cream and turquoise makes this shawl a perfect accessory to wear with a black evening dress or your favorite pair of  … Continued

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