2.0 Poncho in grey/fawn/brown (Natural colours)
Hand woven alpaca poncho in grey cream and brown.
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Hand Woven Alpaca Poncho – Small

This is the shorter version of our woven ponchos. Woven with a combination of natural browns and beiges, it is a great piece to wear on chilly days. This poncho worn over a long sleeve shirt or dress will keep you … Continued

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Hand Woven Periwinkle Alpaca Poncho – Medium

Our most popular size of ponchos. It is neither too long nor too short. Wear it from early spring to late fall whenever the air is chilly. This poncho is woven by myself right here on the farm with the … Continued

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Knitted fawn alpaca poncho

A lightweight knitted poncho in a beautiful fawn colour. Perfect with a pair of jeans or a dress. Great for summer nights and cool fall days. It can even be worn indoors. The open side over one arm makes it … Continued

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