Greener Shades Dyes Starter Kit


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The responsible way to dye!
The Greener Shades dyes Starter kit includes everything you will need to dye as much as over 13 lbs of yarn or fibre!!!

Kit includes:
*One 1/4 oz jar of nine colours (colours listed below)
*8 oz of citric acid

With these 9 colours, you can create hundreds of shades!

Colours included are: Amazon Green, Amethyst Purple, Coral Reff Aqua, Flame Red, Midnight Black, River Blue, Ruby Red, Sunset Orange, Sunrise Yellow.

Greener Shades are non-chrome, non-heavy metal acid dyes that have been specifically formulated for superior light and wash fastness. They are designed for dyeing all protein fiber such as wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk or any other animal source fiber as well as nylon.

Greener Shades are an environmentally responsible choice for dyeing. As there are no toxic metals used in their creation, no residual heavy metal molecules are found in the dye powder thus finding their way back into the environment, or being exposed to the dyer. Any fibre, yarn or cloth that is dyed with these dyes will not leave any toxic materials when it biodegrades. Depending on the colour used, Greener Shades dyes can require less energy as exhaustion may occur at lower water temperatures.
These wool dyes are adapted to the criteria of organic transformation by the OTA, the American organic trade association.